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Wines by Variety & Style

Love semillon, covet chardonnay or want to share a shiraz? Search here to find your favourite varietal from our Tyrrell's Wines and Wine Partners portfolio.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet sauvignon generally has distinctive black currant aromas, which can develop nuances of cedar, violets, leather, or cigar box with age. View wines »


Chardonnay is typically a rich wine with aromas of apples, lemons or stone fruits. Tyrrell's chardonnays are made with the use of subtle oak to add texture and complexity and their lean style ensures longevity in the bottle. View wines »


Merlots are typically medium bodied wine with hints of berry, plum and a soft texture. View wines »

Other Fortified

In addition to our Special Aged Tawny, Tyrrell's produce an aged liqueur verdelho that is a blend of Hunter Valley verdelho from various vintages from 1994 to 2008. View wines »

Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris is denotes not only the grape variety but the style in which the wine is made. Wines produced in the French Pinot Gris style are generally quite rich, round and full bodied with white peach, pear and apricot flavours, whereas those crafted in the Italian Pinot Grigio style are usually delicately fragrant and mildly floral with lemon-citrus flavours. View wines »

Pinot Noir

A varietal with the most complex aromas ranging from ripe grapes or black cherries, often with some spiciness. A full-bodied wine but delicate with great flavour and soft, velvety texture. View wines »


A fortified wine hailing from the Duoro region of Portugal with raisiny, dried fruit flavours. View wines »

Red Blends

By merging different grape varietals and often from different vineyards layers of complexity are into a wine. Lots of experimentation and taste testing go into creating the perfect blend. One of Australia's most iconic red blends is the shiraz cabernet. View wines »

Sauvignon Blanc

Originating from the Loire Valley in France, sauvignon blanc is probably best known today as being produced in New Zealand's Marlborough region. Sauvignon blanc is typically light to medium bodied with a range of flavour profiles depending the region in which it grows. View wines »


Semillon is one of the best known varietals in the Hunter Valley region with UK wine writer calling it "Australia's unique gift to the world". Young semillons tend to be quite racy with lemon-lime aromas and flavours that develop into more toasty, honeyed characters with age. View wines »


Also know as syrah, shiraz wines from the Hunter region are generally medium bodied and not as bold as their counterparts from regions such as the Barossa. Hunter shiraz is typically complex with earthy and leathery notes. On the palate the wines also show earthy flavours, fruit sweetness, ripe tannins and good length. View wines »