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Want to know more about our extensive range of wines from the Hunter Valley and beyond? Search here to find out about the Tyrrell's Wine portfolio.

Winemaker's Selection

Our Winemaker's Selection is one of Australia's oldest and most awarded collection of wines, adhering to timeless styles that transcend trends and fads. The wines within this range all originate from our finest and oldest vineyards around our historic Pokolbin winery in the Hunter Valley. Each wine follows a Vat numbering system, stemming from the still present large oak maturation vessels used by the Tyrrell's forebears. The Vat number represents the cask in which the wine was either fermented or matured. These wines are released with bottle age and have the ability to gracefully develop for many more years. Each one of the Winemaker's Selection wines is unambiguously designed to surpass ordinary ageing criteria - indeed every one of these wines has a track record of bottle ageing. A number of factors set these wines apart - acid structure, length of flavour and the age of the vineyards. View wines »

Sacred Sites

The single vineyard concept has now been taken to another level as we realised that we had six blocks – one chardonnay, two semillon and three shiraz – that were over 100 years old still producing and growing on their own roots. These represent some of the rarest vines in the world and most probably have their origins in the “Busby Collection”, a selection of grapevine cuttings from Europe that were originally planted in the Hunter Valley in the 1800s. View wines »

Single Vineyard

The redefinition of the vineyard source of our top wines has been the major change at Tyrrell's Wines over the last decade. The arrival of the first grapes from the Stevens family in 1993 opened our minds to the intrinsic quality and uniqueness of the great single vineyards of the Hunter Valley and beyond. Since then, we have set out to lease, purchase or enter into grape buying arrangements with the very best vineyard sites in the Hunter Valley and Heathcote region of Victoria. View wines »

Rufus Stone

The story of the Rufus Stone dates back to medieval England and refers to the death of King William II, known as Rufus. Rufus was believed to have been killed by an errant arrow fired by Sir Walter Tyrrell - an ancestor of the Tyrrell family. Today the site of this infamous incident is marked by the Rufus Stone. Since 1997, Tyrrell's historical association with the Rufus Stone has been utilised for its top non Hunter red wines, sourced from vineyards in Heathcote and McLaren Vale. View wines »

Hunter Heroes

Our Hunter Heroes range consists of four distinctive wines which capture the unique interaction between a single grape variety and the Hunter Valley vineyards from which they are sourced. As well as expressing true varietal character, these wines also possess personality bestowed by our winemakers, crafting them with the same dedication and attention to detail as the esteemed Winemaker's Selection receives. View wines »

Hunter Valley

Our Hunter Valley range is quintessential Tyrrell’s and quintessential Hunter. It showcases the key varieties of the region - Chardonnay, Semillon and Shiraz. The wines all reflect the winemaking styles of our winemaker’s selection Vat 1, Vat 47 and Vat 9; in essence making our Hunter Valley range the “baby brothers” of these three iconic wines. This range is available exclusively through selected retailers and restaurants. View wines »

Lost Block

The Lost Block range was born when an impending storm forced the Tyrrell's vineyard crew to abandon a prized block of Hunter semillon to pick less storm resilient grapes. The 'lost' block was eventually picked days later and the winemaking team were so impressed with the characters of the finished wine, it was decided to give it a label of its own. Over the years, the range has expanded to include wines from some of Australia's best known regions, each crafted in a 'drink now' style - soft and approachable, with the same fresh, vibrant fruit characters that made Lost Block Semillon such a success. View wines »

Special Release

Our Special Release range is for wines that are limited production, one-offs, trial batches, or just anything unique or different. You never know what you might see in this range and just because you see something here once, there's no guarantee you'll see it here again. Past special releases have included a Red Blend, a Hunter Valley Pinot Noir and a Hunter Valley Sangiovese. Future releases... could include just about anything! View wines »

Echo Beach

Sprawling sandy beaches, dense, lush bushland and skies that seem to go on forever. It is from these surroundings that a beautiful tapestry of regional vibrancy is woven into our wines. This is Margaret River. This is Echo Beach. View wines »

Old Winery

Our Old Winery range is named after our historic Hunter Valley winery, built in 1863 for the first vintage in 1864. A classic range of wines produced using fruit from premium Australian wine regions, Old Winery delivers distinctive varietal character and outstanding quality synonymous with the Tyrrell's name. Designed for immediate enjoyment, the Old Winery promise is to provide a quality wine to suit every palate preference at a refreshingly affordable price. View wines »

Drink Now Vats

Available exclusively to our Private Bin members, these wines are designed for everyday drinking whilst your Winemaker's Selection and Sacred Sites wines are maturing in your cellar. View wines »

Moore's Creek

Exclusive to On Premise. Tyrrell's were the first to release On Premise only house wines to the Australian market over 20 years ago. Today the Moore's Creek range provides a premium On Premise offering with a range of popular taste profiles that are designed to match a vast array of cuisines and food styles. View wines »

Tyrrell's Sparkling

Tyrrell's Wines have a long historical association with traditionally made bottle fermented sparkling wine. It was a European trip in 1977 that sparked Tyrrell's interest in Australian sparkling wine production. It all started with a 1977 International Wine & Food Society post-convention tour to Champagne, attended by third generation winemaker, Murray Tyrrell. Murray already had a love of Champagne, being a buyer of vast quantities of Pol Roger. "A stop was made at the Bollinger press house where Dad traded his expertise on how best to use a hand press, for time spent with their winemakers," says Bruce Tyrrell. "The next day he called me with instructions to buy all the pinot noir grapes on light soils in the Hunter Valley because he reckoned he could make Champagne as well as the French did." View wines »

Tyrrell's Fortified

Our reputation as a producer of fine, aged fortifieds goes back to the early days of Dan Tyrrell, who grew, traded and blended an incredible range of fortified wines. It was rumoured "Uncle Dan" had one of the finest sherry palates in the country. Tyrrell's fortified range has given way to table wines over the years but is still represented by the highly popular Special Aged Tawny. View wines »


Founded in 1798, Dow's is one of the world's leading port houses dedicated to producing the finest ports. Dow's is 100% family owned and managed by the Symington family who personally supervise the winemaking, ageing and blending of Dow's Port. Dow's Port is produced from amongst the finest vineyards in Douro Valley, Portugal including Quintas, Senhora da Ribeira acquired in 1890 and Bomfim acquired in 1896. Both these vineyards are owned by the family. View wines »

Ra Nui

Ra Nui meaning "lots of sun" was formed in 2002 by Steven Hotchin with the aim of realising the true potential of the Marlborough region. There are three company vineyards, each with a unique terroir. The Summer Valley vineyard and Cob Cottage vineyard are situated at the foot of the Wither Hills in a gently sloping valley. the more recently planted Delta vineyard, is centrally located in the middle of the Wairau Valley and is one of the highest elevation vineyards in Marlborough. A non-interventionist strategy is employed to maintain fruit integrity: grapes are hand-picked and bunches whole pressed, ensuring fine texture and maximum flavour in all Ra Nui wines. View wines »

Trout Valley

Kahurangi Estate (makers of the Trout Valley label), meaning "treasured possession", was established in the early 1970s and is now owned by the Day family who pride themselves on producing premium wines. Grapes for Trout Valley wines are sourced from the Nelson region of New Zealand, which lies in the north-east corner of the South Island and is renowned for grape varieties that respond to cooler growing conditions. View wines »