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Wine Futures

Don’t have the space? Your cellaring conditions aren’t ideal? On the move? Or just don’t trust yourself to wait?

Think of Futures as a fixed term deposit with fine wine as the dividend

Tyrrell’s Wine Futures allows the customer to purchase one or more “wine options” at 50% of the dozen value. Tyrrell’s then professionally cellar this wine for a minimum of four years.

Upon the maturation of the “wine option” Tyrrell’s then contacts the option holder and allows the holder to either:

a) Take possession of the cellared wine upon payment of the outstanding 50% (the price being fixed four years earlier.)
b) Redeem the initial 50% investment at approximately 3% compound interest.

Why do Tyrrell's offer a Futures Program?

Ironically, deliberately setting about to produce high quality award winning wines capable of medium to long term cellaring, can have a negative effect on cash flow as money we invest now in producing this wine will, by the nature of the wine made, be locked away for many years.

Since 1986, Futures has been a small but effective way for the Tyrrell family to offset those costs with the two assets we do have in abundance; time and space.

The Benefits of Wine Futures

  • Enjoy the quality of bottle aged wine without the need for a cellar
  • Take delivery of premium shiraz or semillon that’s drinking near or at its peak
  • The Tyrrell Family Wine Guarantee
  • Have your wine cellared in controlled conditions
  • The ability to invest a relatively small amount and receive a guaranteed return of 3% compound interest (secured by the assets of Tyrrell’s Vineyards)
  • On maturity of the Option, you can decide to convert one or more of your dozens to offset the cost of your wine

Our Futures Red Option is offered in March, and our Futures White Option is offered in July. Both are redeemable four years later.


To join the Tyrrell’s Wine Futures program, simply complete an order form and send it to Tyrrell’s Wines, together with an amount to cover the value of the Option you wish to take.

Futures White Option
Find out more about the current Futures White or to download an order form, please click here

Futures Red Option
Find out more about the current Futures Red or to download an order form, please click here