Chris Tyrrell’s Hunter Heroes Club

I can’t count the number of times I’ve had friends ask me what the best way to buy wine is. It’s a hard question to answer, as there are so many options these days and often it just comes down to personal preference. When prompted as to what people actually want from their wine buying experience though, there are three things that I hear again and again. Firstly, everyone wants to know they’re getting good value; they want competitive pricing and they want to know that the contents of the bottle are worth what they’re paying for it. Secondly, people want convenience; they want to quickly and easily be able to purchase a selection of wines that they know they’ll love. Finally, and most importantly, people want quality. They want interesting wines, they want wines made with passion and care, and they want wines that will always be rewarding to  drink – after all, life is too short to drink bad wine.

It was with all of this in mind that I created the Tyrrell’s Hunter Heroes Wine Club. I see it as a way of offering our customers a convenient and great value way to enjoy premium, hand crafted Tyrrell’s wines all year round. As a member, you will get a dozen Tyrrell’s wines, personally selected by me, delivered to your door twice a year for just $199 per dozen. You couldn’t find an easier way to buy wine if you tried, so think about becoming a Hunter Hero today.


 Chris Tyrrell



Membership of the Hunter Heroes Wine Club requires a commitment to receiving two mixed dozens annually – one in April and one in October, at a cost of $199 per dozen. These dozens are created by Chris Tyrrell and our winemaking team, featuring wines chosen to suit the season and that are drinking at their peak. You may choose what type of pack you would like to receive in each delivery (red, white or mixed), but the actual configuration will be determined by Tyrrell’s Wines. Each dozen is guaranteed to contain at least one bottle of wine from our Single Vineyard or Winemaker’s Selection ranges, and the cost of $199 per dozen will generally represent a saving of at least 25% off the full value of the wine.

Hunter Heroes Club members also receive:

•  15% off Cellar Door prices on all Tyrrell’s Wines
•  Monthly eNewsletter
•  Invitations to tastings and events at the winery and in major cities
•  Exclusive phone and email offers
•  Free freight on orders
•  Access to exclusive wines including Drink Now Vats

To find out more about our Hunter Heroes Club, speak to one of our friendly customer service team by calling 1800 045 501. To become a Hunter Heroes Club Member, click here and email us your contact details.