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Wine Education

Here at Tyrrell’s Wines we believe that wine knowledge is the key to wine appreciation, which is why we provide a variety of useful educational resources and articles to help you to better understand and enjoy your Tyrrell’s wine.

Stevens Name

Thu, January 22nd 2015

The Stevens family owns two vineyards on Marrowbone Road in Pokolbin - the Old Hillside Vineyard and the Glen Oak Vineyard. They supply Tyrrell's with Semillon, Shiraz and some Verdelho Read More »

Mother of all Pinot Noirs

Thu, January 22nd 2015

Pinot noir has a long history in the Hunter, and half of Australia’s comes from the MV6 clone, propagated in Pokolbin from the famed Clos Vougeot vineyard in Burgundy, France. Read More »

My Thoughts on Cellaring with Chris Tyrrell

Mon, July 16th 2012

As a young wine collector myself, I, perhaps like you, am constantly confronted with questions on cellaring wine, i.e. when should I drink certain wines? Or perhaps should I sell certain wines? Is it too early to open the first of my only two bottles of Domaine Armand Rousseau Chambertin 2005? Like us, all wines change over time - they have a youth, a middle age, an old age, and finally, they will fade away. Exactly where on this developmental curve you most enjoy the wine will be a personal and subjective thing. Here in lies the problem with vintage charts. Read More »