2014 Vintage Report Edition 6 - from Bruce Tyrrell

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Almost the end and some welcomed rain….

My apologies for being late but the Sydney Wine Show tasting and lunch, and drinks after that, put paid to a sensible report last Friday.  The last of our Shiraz was picked yesterday morning and we only have three tonnes of Cabernet for Vat 8 left to pick.  Throughout the last week, the Shiraz has continued to pick spot-on budget, which is about 20% up on last year – wherein 2013 we had not a lot of great Shiraz but a lot of very, very good Brokenback.  This year, it’s the other way around.  Everyone working in the vineyard and cellar got black hands and feet.

Heathcote is not that far away after the heat they have had and hopefully, we will have no smoke taint problems from the fires.  Andrew Pengilly will bring back a sample at the end of the week and will do a micro ferment just to check. 

On the weekend we had 1 inch of rain, which was expected and will certainly do all of the property the world of good.  You can almost see the grass start to grow; so the cattle and the kangaroos will not need lunch vouchers for much longer.  This has been perhaps the easiest and best organised Hunter vintage for a long, long time.  It makes so much difference when nature is not forcing your hand to make picking decisions.

A good day for us last Friday at the Sydney Show with 4 x Gold medals – Vat 47 Chardonnay 2012 was one of the two Hunter wines to receive Gold in a very strong 2012 Chardonnay class.  Although Hunter Semillon received more gold medals in total than all of the Chardonnays entered in the show, the outstanding quality of all of those gold medals was perhaps the key feature of the show.


Bruce Tyrrell.


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