2014 Vintage Report Edition 5 - from Bruce Tyrrell

Fri, February 7th 2014   /   No comments

A week of Shiraz picking

The weather has stayed pretty much the same as it has all this year .30 to 35 C during the day , easterly breezes in th evening and night time temperature down as low as 12C. Wednesday and Thursday were back under 30C and made for perfect picking conditions. With white finished and the reds not quite there we had the weekend off picking ( which we are also doing this weekend) - gentlemen winemaking .
Have picked basically all the top Shiraz blocks this week withe exception of NVC which will come off on Monday. There will definity be an Old Patch , Johnnos and 4 Acres this year unless they get buggered up in the winery. The Shiraz is giving the early indications of being like the great dry years like 1973 or even 1965 , bit early yet to make the final call .
Finished all our handpicking on Thursday and only have a bout 6 acres to go for Neil Stevens next week.



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