2014 Vintage Report Edition 1 - from Bruce Tyrrell

Thu, January 9th 2014   /   1 comment

Quite a bit earlier than last year… we are writing the first Vintage edition for 2014.

On the eve of starting picking tomorrow, Friday 10th January, with the first 3 – 4 tonnes of Chardonnay on the road block of the Short Flat.  This will be hand-picked, basket pressed and headed straight for Vat 47. 

The season so far has been dominated by dry weather through winter and spring.  We had only 25 mm of rain from June to the end of October and the cattle were starting to go out at lunch time to buy something to eat.  We had 150mls of rain in November, which gave the fruit the chance to start to fill out and put some growth into the vines.  Growth for the whole season has been slightly restricted and the crop appears to be down but not significantly.  The whites appear to be worse affected than the red.  We have been through all of the Shiraz vineyards in the last four weeks and brought the crop levels on the best of it back to about 1.5 tonnes per acre.  The Chardonnay is early and we could easily have all of our own Chardonnay picked before we harvest any Semillon. 

All of the Vat 47 material is now nearly ready and I suspect by Friday next week that all the top Chardonnay here at the winery and HVD will be picked.  We will pick the Pokolbin Verdelho probably next Wednesday or Thursday, and the Fordwich Verdelho early the week after. 

All of the fruit is in perfect condition with no sign of any disease and just an odd spot of sunburn.  The flavours are more evident at this stage than they had been in the past few years and the acid is real clean and fresh and in good balance.  This may be a vintage where we can actually decide when we want to pick rather than be pushed by nature.  All of the weather forecasts look like only an odd storm from now until end of February so we should get this one in all in top condition.

We have had no real extreme heat during this summer and the current week is all high 20ºc with relatively cool nights.

- Bruce Tyrrell

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Larry Price on Thu, January 9th 2014

Here’s to the cooler weather so far for January. But I have a sneaky feeling in my bones that a slight bit of heat will occur in Feb. I hope I’m wrong but hey that’s my intuition speaking. Looking forward to the Chardonnay.
Best wishes to you Bruce & Family.

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