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2016 Tyrrell’s Vintage Report - Video Edition with Bruce & Chris

Wed, March 2nd 2016   /   0 comments

"There will be some very, very good wine out this year" - Bruce Tyrrell. Watch as Bruce and Chris Tyrrell discuss Vintage 2016.

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2016 Tyrrell’s Vintage Report - Edition 6…from Bruce Tyrrell

Fri, February 26th 2016   /   0 comments

"January was the wettest on record, ahead of 1972; and February looks like being the driest on record, after 1972. If the whites turn out to be as good as 1972, I will be very happy, because I have always reckoned that Vat 1 Semillon 1972 is the greatest Tyrrell wine I have ever tasted." - Bruce Tyrrell

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2016 Tyrrell’s Vintage Report - Edition 5…from Bruce Tyrrell

Thu, February 18th 2016   /   0 comments

"Heathcote started last night and the first 32 tonnes are at about Yass on the Hume Highway as this is written. I went through all the Semillons on Tuesday with Brian McGuigan and he was very keen on them all." - Bruce Tyrrell

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2016 Tyrrell’s Vintage Report - Edition 4…from Bruce Tyrrell

Fri, February 12th 2016   /   0 comments

The week saw us finish all the Semillon and get a start on the Shiraz.

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2016 Tyrrell’s Vintage Report - Edition 3…from Bruce Tyrrell

Mon, February 8th 2016   /   0 comments

We have had a great week of Semillon and are probably the last winery in the district to finish picking whites. We now have about 700 tonnes through the crusher.

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2016 Tyrrell’s Vintage Report - Edition 2…from Bruce Tyrrell

Fri, January 29th 2016   /   0 comments

"A good week with some good Chardonnay in the winery and let’s hope we are in the same position with Semillon this time next week." - Bruce Tyrrell

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2016 Tyrrell’s Vintage Report - Edition 1…from Bruce Tyrrell

Mon, January 25th 2016   /   1 comment

"2016 will be a year, I think, where there will be some great wines made and a few bloody awful ones, which we will know in about five weeks" - Bruce Tyrrell

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A Cellar Surprise - 1997 Shee-Oak Chardonnay

Wed, July 22nd 2015   /   0 comments

This is a lovely consumer review about Tyrrell's back vintage 1997 Shee Oak Chardonnay. "This wine is recommended for immediate drinking but has the potential to develop until 2002."

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Tyrrell’s Vintage 2015 for Heathcote, Victoria - Sixth Edition from Bruce Tyrrell

Mon, March 9th 2015   /   0 comments

Update on the 2015 Vintage, including the Heathcote vintage and a note on the reds from 2014

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Tyrrell’s Vintage 2015 - Fifth Edition - Bruce Tyrrell

Fri, March 6th 2015   /   0 comments

The week has been quite warm and humid with an almost continuous light southerly breeze.

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Tyrrell’s Vintage 2015 - Fourth Edition from Bruce Tyrrell

Thu, February 19th 2015   /   0 comments

The last four to five days of this week the temperature has gone up by 5 degrees, both day time and night time. If we continue to have southerly breezes and if the weather stays like this for the next week or so, we will get almost all the red picked.

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Tyrrell’s Vintage 2015 - Third Edition…....from Bruce Tyrrell

Tue, February 10th 2015   /   0 comments

Overall, this week, we have had cool, fine weather, 1 mm of mist this morning and a forecast that looks basically dry for the next two weeks. If we maintain that weather then the reds will start in about a week and should be good quality.

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Tyrrell’s Vintage 2015 - Second Edition…...from Bruce Tyrrell

Mon, February 2nd 2015   /   0 comments

Whilst there is some talk of doom and gloom around the district, we, largely, have clean fruit and I think this is going to be a good white vintage. The weather over the next two weeks will determine what happens to the reds.

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2015 Vintage Report Edition 1 - from Bruce Tyrrell

Fri, January 23rd 2015   /   0 comments

This year is a totally different growing season to the last two years, we have had almost the perfect growing season; really good rains in winter an early spring and a dry November. This perfect season rolled untill the current December/January rains however so far vintage has been filled with plenty of smiles.

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2014 Vintage Report Edition 6 - from Bruce Tyrrell

Tue, February 18th 2014   /   0 comments

Almost the end and some welcomed rain…. My apologies for being late but the Sydney Wine Show tasting and lunch, and drinks after that, put paid to a sensible report last Friday. The last of our Shiraz was picked yesterday morning and we only have three tonnes of Cabernet for Vat 8 left to pick. Throughout the last week, the Shiraz has continued to pick spot-on budget, which is about 20% up on last year – wherein 2013 we had not a lot of great Shiraz but a lot of very, very good Brokenback. This year, it’s the other way around. Everyone working in the vineyard and cellar got black hands and feet.

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2014 Vintage Report Edition 5 - from Bruce Tyrrell

Fri, February 7th 2014   /   0 comments

A week of Shiraz picking The weather has stayed pretty much the same as it has all this year .30 to 35 C during the day , easterly breezes in th evening and night time temperature down as low as 12C. Wednesday and Thursday were back under 30C and made for perfect picking conditions. With white finished and the reds not quite there we had the weekend off picking ( which we are also doing this weekend) - gentlemen winemaking

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2014 Vintage Report Edition 4 - from Bruce Tyrrell

Fri, January 31st 2014   /   0 comments

The last week of white, and a touch of rain. Last Friday evening we received 10ml of rain, which served to just kick the last of the Semillon over the line. There was just enough moisture to get the vines working again and create the flavour that we have been looking for. An interesting comparison to last year – 2014 long weekend had 10 ml of rain and 2013 long weekend had 156 ml of rain. Another 15 – 30 ml would be very handy at the moment.

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2014 Vintage Report Edition 3 - from Bruce Tyrrell

Fri, January 24th 2014   /   0 comments

The change of climate and the Chardonnay is off. Saturday last we picked the last block of the Flat to go to Vat 47 giving us tonnes per acre across our own Chardonnay on the home block of just on 3 tonnes per acre. Saturday night we started picking the Chardonnay on Penfold Vale and for the first time in history of the vineyard, we may get to 13% alcohol.

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2014 Vintage Report Edition 2 - from Bruce Tyrrell

Fri, January 17th 2014   /   0 comments

Last weekend we did no picking and the weather was similar to Friday – mid to late 30’s, clear skies, very little wind. We were starting to get concerned about rising sugar levels with the hot days that were forecast for this week and made the decision to get started to try and beat the impact of the forecast of almost 40ºC for the end of the week. All the chardonnay was getting close and the flavours were starting to catch up by Monday. All the semillon we looked at over the weekend was still as green as grass and at least a week away with the exception of Stevens’, who we thought was a bit closer and maybe more susceptible to the impact of the heat.

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2014 Vintage Report Edition 1 - from Bruce Tyrrell

Thu, January 9th 2014   /   1 comment

Quite a bit earlier than last year… we are writing the first Vintage edition for 2014. On the eve of starting picking tomorrow, Friday 10th January, with the first 3 – 4 tonnes of Chardonnay on the road block of the Short Flat. This will be hand-picked, basket pressed and headed straight for Vat 47.

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Vintage Report Edition 7 - from Bruce Tyrrell

Thu, March 7th 2013   /   0 comments

Vintage got underway last week in McLaren Vale & Heathcote.

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Vintage Report Edition 6 - from Bruce Tyrrell

Fri, February 15th 2013   /   0 comments

The beautiful mornings just kept coming...

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Vintage Report Edition 5 - from Bruce Tyrrell

Fri, February 8th 2013   /   0 comments

Late last Friday afternoon down came the rain with a heavy storm again about 3.00 am the next morning. All up we had 28 mm. This meant a quiet day on Saturday with that horrible feeling the rain was going to stay around for a few more days.

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Vintage Update from Bruce Tyrrell - The Hunter Reds

Wed, February 6th 2013   /   0 comments

There seems to be a bit of a chat about the Hunter red vintage being any good or not...

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Vintage Report Edition 4 - from Bruce Tyrrell

Mon, February 4th 2013   /   0 comments

We had no picking last Friday as we couldn’t find anything that we believe was ripe enough to pick.

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Vintage Report Edition 3 - from Bruce Tyrrell

Fri, February 1st 2013   /   0 comments

The stars of the last week have been our two picking teams.

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Vintage Report Edition 2 - from Bruce Tyrrell

Mon, January 21st 2013   /   0 comments

The first week of vintage is ending on one of those days where you need to be inside with a cold one in front of the television watching the cricket.

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Vintage Report 2013 - Edition 1 from Bruce Tyrrell

Mon, January 21st 2013   /   1 comment

This year’s vintage will start on Monday morning, 14 January, with six or seven tonnes of traminer from John Tulloch at Broke and at this stage, on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, we will pick pinot noir and chardonnay for sparkling base. This is probably two or three days earlier than I originally expected.

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