Vintage Report 2013 – Edition 7 from Bruce Tyrrell

Thu, March 7th 2013  /   No Comment

In McLaren Vale we have found some new growers; one has vineyard on the red sand ridges on the north western end of the Vale.  This vineyard should supply us our Rufus Stone Shiraz and some potentially ‘red hot’ cabernet.  The Shiraz is fermenting here now and the cabernet is being picked this weekend.

Heathcote finally got a bit of rain two weeks ago as they have had virtually nothing through the whole growing season.  Thankfully, in the last 18 months, we built a new water storage dam at the vineyard and Adam has not had to scratch for irrigated water and has been able to irrigate as needed.  Mark Richardson and I were there yesterday and our vineyard looks the best of anything we saw in the area.  Reportedly, a 17 acre unirrigated vineyard picked only five tonnes, which to make a profit means the wine has to retail for about $300 a bottle.  On our vineyard there is a good crop just over three tonnes to the acre; the bunches are all open and the berries are a little smaller than normal.  So we should get plenty of colour and the blocks to be picked on Friday night has already developed terrific flavour.  We should be finished our own vineyard towards the end of next week and the Hamilton’s (our grower from next door), will be about 10 days after that.  There should be plenty of fruit of both Lunatiq and Rufus Stone quality.  Adam Currie has got a pretty big smile on his face – he reckons this is as good as 2002 when we also had a fairly big crop.

St Mary’s is still some time away.

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