Vintage Report 2013 – Edition 1 from Bruce Tyrrell

Sun, January 20th 2013  /   No Comment

This year’s vintage will start on Monday morning, 14 January, with six or seven tonnes of traminer from John Tulloch at Broke and at this stage, on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, we will pick pinot noir and chardonnay for sparkling base.  This is probably two or three days earlier than I originally expected.

The vines have stood up remarkably well in the heat and dry conditions although at Fordwich, where John Tulloch’s vineyard is, they had 4 inches of rain at Christmas against the 80 points we had here.

On Monday morning we will test Penfold Vale chardonnay and all of the Verdelho, which can quite easily all be picked in 10 days time.  An inch of rain would be more than welcome as the fruit has dehydrated a bit forcing the sugars and acids up, but there is not really enough flavour out their yet.

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