Murray Tyrrell

1921 to 2000
3rd Generation

Murray was born in 1921 to Avery and Dorothy Tyrrell. Many things have been written about Murray Davey Tyrrell: “larger than life”, “the King of the Hunter Valley”, and “The Mouth of The Hunter”. His views on winemaking have helped shape the modern Hunter Valley and revolutionised the drinking habits of the Australian public. In 1951, Murray and his wife Ruth had their first son, Bruce Tyrrell. After serving in World War II, Murray ran a cattle business before taking over winemaking duties at Tyrrell’s Wines at the age of 37.

The next 20 years in the Australian wine industry was a period of evolution, and new technologies were introduced to make the winemaking process faster and more economic. Whilst Murray was never convinced the wave of the new was the answer, there was some technology that he pursued.

In 1961, Murray set about formalising a system to build the value of the wine Tyrrell’s made, by introducing the Private Bin system for which Tyrrell’s is world renown.

In 1986, Murray was made a Member of the General Division of the Order of Australia (AM) for his services to the Australian wine industry. Year in and year out Murray would proclaim each vintage better than the one before. The last time he made this claim, nobody could prove Murray wrong. The last vintage he saw was the first of the new millennium. Murray Tyrrell died in October 2000, aged 79 years.