Edward George “Dan” Tyrrell

1871 to 1959
2nd Generation

Edward George ‘Dan’ Tyrrell was born in Pokolbin to Edward and Susan Tyrrell in 1871. He was the second oldest and one of 10 children. Avery Tyrrell was the youngest (father of Murray Tyrrell). Dan loved the concept of making and blending wine and spent as much time as possible with Hunter winemaker Philobert Terrier; also Maurice O’Shea and Leo Buring. Dan was also regarded as having one of the best sherry palates in the country.

Dan made his first wine at the age of 18 years and has been said to have made some of the best wines in the Hunter Valley. Most of the wine was sold in bulk to wine merchants and a growing band of private individuals in the know. Over the years, Dan (who never married) became affectionately known as ‘Uncle Dan’. He saw in the centenary of the wine business his father began, and officiated over an astounding 69 vintages. He completed his last vintage in 1959 at the age of 88, just weeks before he died of a heart attack.

Dan’s brother Avery’s interests lay in viticulture, and he was meticulous in his approach to vineyard management. The concentration of fruit he produced through diligent vineyard management formed the backbone of Dan’s wines. Avery’s other great contribution to the Tyrrell story was his son Murray. While the first century of the Tyrrell story was shaped by the quiet achievements of Edward and his sons, the next 50 years are marked by an outspoken belief in that early family legacy.