Energy Efficiency


Since the establishment of Tyrrells Environmental Management program in September 2009, we have strived to minimize our energy usage by making ourselves far more energy efficient.

In the past 4 years of operation of our EMS program, we have recorded a significant 23% reduction in our Greenhouse Gas Emissions per Dozen Wines Produced. This represents a big improvement in Energy Efficiency and a massive 1200 Tonnes less Greenhouse Gases produced over this 4 year period.

Please read on to see some of the initiatives we have implemented to achieve this result.


Solar Power
In mid-2015 Tyrrells installed a 350kW Solar Panel system, capable of producing enough solar electricity to halve our Greenhouse Gas emissions from coal-fired electricity.


Refrigeration is probably the biggest energy consuming sector of most Australian wineries.

Tyrrell’s runs a very economical refrigeration system by maintaining cooling water temperatures of between 6 and 8°C. (Many wineries run a refrigerated brine system to recirculate the cooling liquid at temperatures a few degrees below zero). Tyrrell’s system therefore uses far less energy.

On top of this, Tyrrells recently installed 4 x Variable Speed Drive (VSD) pumps to recirculate our cooling water. These VSD pumps are far more efficient than normal pumps, with measured energy savings of 60% compared to the previous pumps.


Air Conditioning

We have been progressively upgrading our air conditioners and air cooling units in our warehouses and barrel sheds to run more efficiently. Units have now either been replaced or upgraded with thermostats to ensure they are only ever running when absolutely necessary.

We have also recently spray-coated the main winery roof with Heat Reflective Paint, which greatly reduces temperatures within the building, thereby significantly reducing the load on our refrigeration plant.



Hi-Bay Lighting in our main winery building has been replaced with Low Energy Induction Lights, which use far less power and have a longer service life.



Tyrrell’s was one of the first wineries in Australia to start bottling with the new environmentally friendly “Lean and Green” lightweight bottles, manufactured by Owens Illinois Australia.
These bottles are 30 - 40% lighter in weight than the bottles they have replaced, with around 150 grams less glass in every bottle, thus contributing to far less greenhouse gas emissions during their production and their transportation to and from our winery.

Approximately 75% of Tyrrell’s wines are now produced in this lightweight bottle range, thus marking a significant contribution by Tyrrell’s towards reduction in carbon emissions.



Purchase of more fuel efficient vehicles and more efficient spray carts means we have significantly reduced the amount of fuel used in the management of our vineyards.