Our Environment

>Energy Efficiency 
>Waste Management & Recycling
>Land Management & Sustainability

Tyrrell’s Wines recognises our responsibility to the environment, and is committed to proactively managing our interaction with our environment by establishing and maintaining standards of excellence to minimize our environmental impact.

To achieve this, Tyrrell’s has established an Environmental Management System (EMS), which was launched in April 2009 and is designed to operate in accordance with the requirements of the International Standard for Environmental Management, ISO 14,001.

Since then, we have achieved a 62% reduction in our Total Greenhouse Gas Emissions (average 8% per year), which represents over 2,400 tonnes less carbon-dioxide gas produced from fuels and coal fired electricity.


To access a copy of Tyrrell’s Environmental Policy, please click here 


Tyrrell’s has operated its EMS program by:

  • Setting environmental goals and targets
  • Having environmental policies and practices in place
  • Recording and monitoring our total energy consumption (electricity, diesel, petrol, LPG, natural gas) across all of our various sites
  • Recording and monitoring our fresh water usage at all metering points
  • Testing and monitoring our wastewater, soil and dam water quality on a routine basis
  • Establishing an EMS Committee and holding regular meetings to keep driving the EMS agenda
  • Planning and implementing a range of environmentally friendly initiatives to minimize energy consumption, maximize waste recycling, and minimize any negative environmental impacts