Single Vineyard

Our Single Vineyards celebrate the best single blocks that produce wines of distinct character unique to that site and the Hunter. The redefinition of the vineyard source of our top wines has been the major change at Tyrrell’s over the past 25 years.

For most of our history, Tyrrell’s has produced its wines by blending wine from different vineyards. However, in 1983, HVD Hunter Semillon was created as our first formally recognised single-vineyard wine, although it would be another decade before we formalised our Single Vineyards. Throughout the mid-1980s, we continued to investigate how the location and soil of each individual vineyard imparts unique flavours to the wines they produce within the same varietal.

In 1992, Bruce Tyrrell struck a deal with the Stevens family, sealing it with a handshake. This key move once and for all opened our minds to the intrinsic quality and uniqueness of the great single vineyards of the Hunter Valley and beyond. Since then, we’ve set out to lease, purchase or enter into grape-buying arrangements with the very best vineyard sites in the Hunter Valley.

Wines in the Range