2019 Vintage Report from Bruce Tyrrell – Edition 4

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This is the start of the running to the end of the whites with only the Short Flat Semillon left to pick.  It has been the greenest of the Semillons all the way through and the blocks are a little uneven, but I think this should get us as good Vat 1 as we have had for a while.  Finished that the next day.  The Semillon crop on the Flat is up about 15% – 20% on last year, and the total Semillon crop is up 5% on last year.  So white wise we are pretty much spot on what we expected.

We started testing some red and basically nothing except the Baulkham was ready and we picked it in the early morning of the 6 February.  This is a hard exposed piece of country and the crop was down significantly, which I hope is not going to follow through the rest of the red vintage.  Friday night we had 15mm of rain, and by Sunday morning the Shiraz had kicked in and things were starting to move.  We started hand picking Monday morning with Johnno’s, the House block and Matthews. The later will be part of Vat 9.  Picked for a couple of our grape growers last night and today we have picked the 4 Acres and just finishing part of Weinkeller, which is for Vat 9.  We have got the hot day today supposedly getting to 39 degrees by 4.00pm or 5.00pm, but then we come into ten days of relatively cool weather and more importantly nights down to 15, 16 and 17 degrees.

There will not be much Shiraz left to pick by Saturday night. The skins on all of the Shiraz are very thick and so they have stood up to the tougher weather. There is plenty of colour and plenty of flavour so touch wood there are no fears now of anything but a good red Vintage. 

I have tasted a few of the early Semillons, which have just come off ferment. The Belford, HVD and Stevens all look very good and Vat 1 is still fermenting so it is a bit early.  Most of the Chardonnays are in wood.

Still remains, apart from some harvester problem early, one of the calmer and easier Vintages.


Bruce Tyrrell

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