2016 Tyrrell’s Vintage Report – Edition 5…from Bruce Tyrrell

Thu, February 18th 2016  /   No Comment

Almost the same weather conditions as last week; clear skies, high 20’s into the 30’s, little bit of breeze and again, some fairly dewy mornings. Sunday, the maximum got up to 38⁰C and that moved all the red sugar levels up. By late tonight, we will only have the 8 Acres, DeBeyers, Old Hut, Mother’s Shiraz and the last block of Stevens’ Old Hillside. The Stevens and 8 Acres will be picked by hand and the rest by machine. Sugars have ranged during the week between 12.5 – 14% with probably the best Shiraz from the blocks just across the road from the winery. I think, at the end of the reds, we will have some very good wine and a chunk of very solid Shiraz, and then a few tonne that will not make the grade. All things being equal, we will finish the Hunter Shiraz tomorrow night or Monday, depending on tomorrow morning’s early test.

Heathcote started last night and the first 32 tonnes are at about Yass on the Hume Highway as this is written. I went through all the Semillons on Tuesday with Brian McGuigan and he was very keen on them all. He picked the HVD immediately, which I expected as he made a lot of them for Penfold’s in his early working career. We continue to be impressed by all of this year’s whites and the reds probably won’t shake out until they go through malolactic over the next two months.

Kind regards,
Bruce Tyrrell

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